Praise for Eric Klinenberg’s GOING SOLO

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Time Magazine’s #1 idea that is changing your life. TIME

“Trailblazing.” Vanity Fair

“This book will change our lives. So important that it is likely to become both a popular read and a social science classic.” Psychology Today

“Fascinating.” Wall Street Journal

“Going Solo … is causing a sensation, both for how it has shaken up our traditional notions of the single life and as a sociological breakthrough.”  Toronto Star

“Going Solo is really about living better together — for all of us, single or not.” Washington Post


  • America: Single, & Loving It

    The New York Times, Feb 10 — The trend is huge, says Eric Klinenberg, the N.Y.U. sociology professor and author of the new book “Going Solo.” In 1950, 22 percent of American adults were single. Now that number is almost 50 percent. One in seven adults lives alone. Half of all Manhattan residences are one-person dwellings. Elizabeth Weil, the author of a new book on marriage, "No Cheating, No Dying,” asked the professor to help decode the singles boom: how solo living is exploding and becoming less stigmatized, how it’s a privilege as well as a liability, how at certain points in modern lives, living alone may very well be the more desirable state.