Praise for Eric Klinenberg’s GOING SOLO

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Time Magazine’s #1 idea that is changing your life. TIME

“Trailblazing.” Vanity Fair

“This book will change our lives. So important that it is likely to become both a popular read and a social science classic.” Psychology Today

“Fascinating.” Wall Street Journal

“Going Solo … is causing a sensation, both for how it has shaken up our traditional notions of the single life and as a sociological breakthrough.”  Toronto Star

“Going Solo is really about living better together — for all of us, single or not.” Washington Post

  • Will Singles & Singletons Cut the Cord?

    Wired, Mar 1 — More people live alone today than at any point in recorded history, in absolute numbers and proportionately, too. Until the 1950s, it was impossible to find a single human society that sustained large numbers of singletons (my term for people who live alone) for long periods of time. Today, living alone is common wherever there’s a market economy, a welfare state, and women’s rights.